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Meet the amazing guests hosted so far on The College Intern!

Brandon Ma

Intern @ UN (UNESCO)
29th Episode: Brandon takes us through his journey of interning at UN (UNESCO), despite having a full-time job already lined up!

Jason Jew

Intern @ Workday
28th Episode: Listen to Jason talk about his experience across various technology companies, including his most recent Product Management internship at Workday!

Biniyam Asnake

Intern @ Coursera
27th Episode: Listen to this episode to hear insights into Coursera’s software engineering internship and advice from Biniyam for computer science students!

Julia Shih

Intern @ Lyft
26th Episode: Join Julia as she talks about her summer internship at Lyft as a search marketing intern!

Malik Patton

Intern @ BlackRock
25th Episode: Malik shares his summer internship at BlackRock as a corporate finance summer analyst in New York!

Sara Whitman

Intern @ NBC Weekend TODAY
24th Episode: Join Sara and take a listen to her exciting experience at NBC in early 2018!

Flavio Pacheco

Intern @ Pfizer
23rd Episode: Take a listen to Flavio’s journey in Boston as a research intern for Pfizer :)

Eve Falk

Intern @ Dell
22nd Episode: Take a peek into this episode as Eve talks about her love for Dell and her experience interning there two summers in a row!

Kayla Cabral

Intern @ Saint Laurent
21st Episode: Throughout this episode, Kayla shares her experience at Saint Laurent as a Public Relations intern in New York.

Suhaib Khan

Intern @ UNICEF
20th Episode: Take a peak into Suhaib’s internship at UNICEF in Amman, Jordan!

Eleanor Cho

Intern @ HBO
19th Episode: Throughout this episode, Eleanor talks about her internship experience at HBO, where she really enjoyed interning – from the role itself, to the company culture and its many perks!

Tobi Gbile

Intern @ Adidas
18th Episode: Throughout this episode, Tobi shares her experience interning at one of the top sports / fashion companies!

Karan Chachlani

Intern @ Viacom
17th Episode: Listen to this episode as Karan shares his journey to interning at Viacom in various roles!

Rachel Labrecque

Intern @ ESPN
16th Episode: Tune in to Rachel’s episode as she shares her story about interning abroad in London for ESPN!

Tina He

Intern @ Grubhub
15th Episode: Take a listen to Tina’s story as she elaborates on her internship at Grubhub and projects she’s been working on part-time!

Rachel Sandler

Intern @ Business Insider
14th Episode: Tune in to Rachel as she shares her amazing time interning for Business Insider as a Tech Editorial Intern!

Sara Park

Intern @ LinkedIn
13th Episode: Hear Sara describe the role of a Product Manager, as she shares her experience working at LinkedIn’s Profile Team!

Jenny Joung

Intern @ UN-Habitat
12th Episode: Listen to Jenny talk about her amazing experience at UN-Habitat!

Bryan Yan

Intern @ Salesforce
11th Episode: Join us for Bryan’s episode, where he talks about his internship experience at Salesforce as a Software Engineering intern!

Kelly Wisnseki

Intern @ Design for America
10th Episode: Listen to Kelly talk about her lovely internship experience at Design for America, where she will be joining for full-time!

Justin Koo

Intern @ Deutsche Bank
9th Episode: Hear Justin talk about his experience working for Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management division!

Joey Wilson

Intern @ Northrop Grumman
8th Episode: Listen to Joey talk about his internship experience at Northrop Grumman in an Electrical Engineering role!

Canzhi Ye

Intern @ The Brooklyn Nets
7th Episode: Canzhi describes his internship experience at The Brooklyn Nets as a Basketball Analytics Associate!

Kushal Dalal

Intern @ Tesla
6th Episode: Listen to Kushal’s internship journey at Tesla in a Cell Engineering & Business Development role!

Jonathan Li

Intern @ PayPal
5th Episode: Take a listen to Jonathan talk about his freshman summer internship at PayPal in a Site Data Architecture role!

Rahim Noorani

Intern @ Bessemer Venture Partners
4th Episode: Listen to Rahim’s experience interning at one of the most prominent VC firms in the world!

Joyce Tan

Intern @ Amazon
3rd Episode: Listen to Joyce talk about her experience at Seattle interning for Amazon!

Neal Choudhary

Intern @ Deloitte Consulting
2nd Episode: Hear about Neal’s experience as a Strategy & Operations Intern at Deloitte Consulting in New York!

Derrick Chow

Intern @ Morgan Stanley
1st Episode: Hear about Derrick’s experience as an investment banking summer analyst at Morgan Stanley’s Menlo Park office!

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