TCI 04 – Interning at Bessemer Venture Partners

Please welcome Rahim Noorani for the fourth episode of The College Intern!

Rahim is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, who interned at Bessemer Venture Partners – one of the most prominent and oldest Venture Capital firms across the globe – during his junior year. Throughout the episode, Rahim talks about his involvement in drafting a white paper on the vertical SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry, as well as seeing past companies he engaged with raising more money and getting acquired and spreading their technology across more consumers. Take a listen as he also explains the differences between early stages of investing and what a typical VC internship would look like!

**Rahim’s key advice: Surrounding yourself with other people who are motivated or driven to do more leads to a sense of competitiveness and helps you accomplish your goals.

**Rahim’s dream job: A professional NFL football coach / General Manager!

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