TCI 07 – Interning at The Brooklyn Nets (Basketball Analytics)


Please welcome Canzhi Ye for the 7th episode of The College Intern!

Canzhi is a graduating senior from UC Berkeley, finishing up his major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a minor in History. During college, he held a variety of software engineering internships at various start-ups and tech companies, but most recently interned at The Brooklyn Nets as a Basketball Analytics Associate! Throughout the episode, Canzhi talks about the advantage of analyzing and using data in a salary-capped sport, justifying player valuations through their in-game statistics, and even getting to eat lunch in the players’ lounge! Take a listen as he also gives meaningful advice for future interns!

**Canzhi’s key advice: Build stuff on your free time – if you ever work on stuff, try to publish it and show it to people because it might lead you to a serendipitous opportunity.

**Canzhi’s dream job: A really good chef (inspired by Gordon Ramsay)

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