TCI 13 – Interning at LinkedIn (Product Management)

We welcome Sara Pak for our 13th episode!

Sara is a current student at Stanford University, pursuing a master’s in Management Science and Engineering. Recently, Sara interned at LinkedIn as an Associate Product Manager where she explored the intersection of software engineering and business strategy at a leading technology company. Throughout the episode, Sara explains the role of a Product Manager and shares her exciting experience working on Notifications under the Profiles Team at LinkedIn, where she brought her own ideas and perspectives into life.

**Sara’s key advice: Try different things out, because that’s what internships are for. Also, don’t let internship seeking stress you out!

**Sara’s dream job: A hotel owner! Sara one day hopes to build an X-star rated hotel that blows current 5-star ones away 🙂

Contact Sara at or LinkedIn.

iTunes Link here.

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