TCI 26 – Interning at Lyft (Search Marketing)

Please welcome Julia Shih for our 26th episode!

Julia is a recent graduate from USC, where she majored in Business Administration. Last summer, Julia interned at Lyft as a Search Marketing intern, where she interacted with an amazing team of diverse, genuine people, tackling one of the hardest problems of ride-sharing / food-delivery companies – acquiring drivers. Throughout the episode, Julia talks about the culture at Lyft, which was built on a vision of having technology bring people together, lessons learned during her classes in college (including “if you know how to help a company grow, they will definitely hire you”), as well as advice for the future generation of college students interested in marketing.

**Julia’s key advice: Don’t dwell on your rejections during recruiting (it happens to everyone!), and having a website can really help you differentiate yourself!

**Julia’s dream job: An interior designer for Bay Area startups!

Contact Julia at or LinkedIn.

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