TCI 27 – Interning at Coursera (Software Engineering)

Please welcome Biniyam Asnake for our 27th episode!

Biniyam is a current junior at Claremont McKenna College, where he majors in computer science. During his time in college, Biniyam found his passion for entrepreneurship, starting two businesses all the while pursuing his studies. Throughout the episode, Biniyam gives into his personal interests and how he learned first to code, and how coincidentally he interned this past summer at Coursera (an educational technology company that offers online learning courses), which helped him in his self-studies. Take a listen as Biniyam also shares valuable advice for students interested in software engineering internships, as well as those who are in the hunt for their first internship in college!

**Biniyam’s key advice: Make sure to update your LinkedIn, and even if you don’t have an internship yet, try to take on projects to show that you’re proactive.

**Biniyam’s dream job: An entrepreneur – depending on yourself, not an already established business, to succeed!

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