March 21, 2018


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Sharing Young Minds

Each week, The College Intern will feature recent college graduates or concurrent students to talk about their recent internship experience. By providing their personal anecdotes on the job, reasons for why they chose their career path, and practical advice students can take on starting today, it is my hope that college students across the globe can gain encouragement, better insight into certain internships, and ultimately guidance to their dream internships.

Ryan Koh

Hi! I'm Ryan, and I'm a recent graduate from Cal. Coming to a school like Cal from Canada, I had a great time over the past 3.5 years, attending lectures provided by world-renowned professors to joining different clubs and even featuring in a band. And while Cal provided me with a greater experience than I could wish for, I always thought there was something missing when it came to looking for a job. From my experience, the most insight I gained on different industries and firms was by actually working in them through internships! Having had the thankful opportunity of exploring internships under great mentors in fields such as investment banking, trading, and technology, I was ultimately able to decide which industry I want to jump into for full-time. And to this date, I have been asked a lot of questions, such as “How was your experience at XYZ?”. “How was the application & interview process there?”. “What advice do you have for me if I’m interested in this industry?” just to name a few. And rather than answer all those questions myself, I’d love to ask the same set of questions to different college students and recent graduates who interned across a plethora of firms and industries. So whether you’re an upplerclassmen, underclassmen, or even an aspiring high school student, please tune in every week to listen to your colleagues speak about their recent internship experience!

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