TCI 23 – Interning at Pfizer (Research)

Please welcome Flavio Umeda Pacheco for our 23rd episode! Flavio is a recent graduate from Cornell University, where he majored in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology and minored in Law & Society. During his time at Cornell, Flavio interned at Pfizer as a summer research intern in Boston. Throughout the episode, Flavio walks us through his Read more about TCI 23 – Interning at Pfizer (Research)[…]

TCI 15 – Interning at Grubhub (Product Design)

Please welcome Tina He for our 15th episode! Tina is a rising senior at Cornell University, majoring in Information Science and Comparative Literature. Starting off from a point where there was virtually no presence of product designers at her college, Tina worked exceptionally hard and networked well to land great internships at Grubhub and Facebook. Read more about TCI 15 – Interning at Grubhub (Product Design)[…]