TCI 24 – Interning at NBC Weekend TODAY

  Please welcome Sara Whitman for our 24th episode! Sara is a current Hofstra University student pursuing her M.A. in Journlism. Earlier this year, Sara had the opportunity of interning at NBC Weekend Today while also juggling her academics. Take a listen to this week’s episode as Sara describes her role at NBC, her love Read more about TCI 24 – Interning at NBC Weekend TODAY[…]

TCI 16 – Interning at ESPN (Market Research)

Please welcome Rachel Labrecque for our 16th episode! Rachel is a graduating senior at the University of Buffalo, where she majored in Business Administration and Management. Throughout the episode, Rachel shares her experience interning for ESPN while she was abroad in intern, as well as tips for future professionals in the sports journalism industry. Take Read more about TCI 16 – Interning at ESPN (Market Research)[…]

TCI 14 – Interning at Business Insider

Please welcome Rachel Sandler for our 14th episode! Rachel is a current student at Syracuse University pursuing a bachelor’s in newspaper and online journalism. Rachel also recently interned at Business Insider as a Tech Editorial Intern, publishing technology articles prevalent in the Silicon Valley. Listen to this episode as Rachel shares her journey into the Read more about TCI 14 – Interning at Business Insider[…]